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The Most Tender Meat in Town!

For the Gym-goers and Keto-lovers, we all know salads ( and I mean a large variety of them) are easily available everywhere but not tasty proteins. Proteins are usually one of the most expensive and time-consuming items to make.


At SousGood we aim to solve your pain spots by providing you high-quality, restaurant protein meals that will satisfy your taste buds and be healthy for your body.


We offer some of the most tender and juiciest Turkey Breast/Chicken Breast in town. This is done using the French Sous Vide technique, which translates to "under vacuum." Chefs in gourmet restaurants have used the Sous Vide technique for decades to achieve consistent results and meet their high standards,


SousGood aims to bring such gourmet protein right from the restaurant to your kitchen at an affordable pricing. With our healthy Sous Vide meal delivery, you can focus on your health while enjoying delicious food!

**Check out our debut launch "The Naked Turkey" in December 2021 and our "The Naked Chicken" launching in Mid-January 2022!